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Since 2016. Nueva Incal is part of the Rugui group

RUGUI was established in 1953. It started as a small forge (back in the days under the name of ROMAN UCIN) engaged in the manufacturing of farming equipment and tools.

In 1977 the company installed a steel rolling mill and set aside the forging business. The name RUGUI became then the commercial brand for ROMAN UCIN.

In 1987 ROMAN UCIN enlarged its facilities and became LAMINADOS ONDARRE.

In 2007 the company underwent through a significant transformation based in two strategical working lines:

  • Internationalization Process
  • Vertical Integration of the Production:
    • RUGUI MELT: Steel melting facilities with induction furnaces, a ladle treatment unit, a vacuum unit and a continuous casting process
    • RUGUI OLVEGA: New Hot Rolling Mill that manufactures HOT ROLLED FLAT BARS

In 2010 the vertical integration process was completed and RUGUI became the company that we know today.

In 2014 state of the art peeling and ultrasound detection lines came into service.

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